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New look, new features, new Vitl

Introducing the new and improved Vitl!

The VITL Nutrition Team / Aug 6, 2021

Sweet potato & butternut squash soup

A delicious winter warmer to nourish your immune system.

How to survive winter without getting "D-ficient”

As our weather transitions into winter and with darkness setting in before we leave the office, it can be tricky to get the vitamin D our body needs from the sun alone! At this time of year, however, it’s maybe even more essential that we do...

5 top immunity-boosting hacks from a dietitian

Georgie Murphy, Vitl's in-house dietician, wants you to know these 5 top hacks when it comes to boosting your immunity so you can stay sniffle-free this winter.

When did you last check your cholesterol? Here's what you need to know

Cholesterol - is it bad? Is it good? How do you find out yours and then what should you do about it?