6 top tips to help you become a morning person

Coach Clem /

It's time for you to master the morning. Coach Clem from The Transformation Lab is here with 6 amazing tips you don’t want to miss!


Being a morning person is an amazing thing. You wake up early naturally, you are productive right from the get-go and resultantly line yourself up for a great day, every day. As the old saying goes, the early bird catches the worm!

I am massively fortunate for being a morning person. As soon as my eyes flick open my brain flicks on and I get straight to it. I use it to my advantage. I am fully aware that if I want to learn something new, create something great, be that a blog; training program; diet program, I need to do it in the morning when my productivity, efficiency and energy levels are through the roof. 

Some people are born this way (a rare breed!) and some people have made themselves this way. I am the latter.

When I first made the change, my body clock was having none of it. There was a transitional period where every fibre of my being was screaming and cursing at the alarm clock and still dark skyline but after a week or two this was gone and the productivity arrived, with bells on.  

If I were to do it again I would definitely have done it differently so here are my top tips for becoming a morning person:


You need 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Not having enough is damaging to your health, wrecks your body composition and hormone levels as well as sapping energy. If you want to start waking up earlier then you need to get yourself to bed an hour or two earlier. That means for a 5 am wake up you should be in bed with the lights out at 9pm.  

Crank up the volume 

On your alarm, that is. And put it on the other side of the room / outside your bedroom door. The key with this is to have it well out of reach from all angles whilst still under the covers. Once you’ve actually made it out of your quilted cocoon the battle is as good as over!


Instead of reaching for the warm embrace of social media as soon as you wake up, hit the lights and tuck into an ice cold glass of water. This is going to start firing all your bodies ‘wake-up’ signals and get you out of your dozy state much quicker than a dim mobile screen and work emails. Additionally, that glass of water will help fire up your metabolism, hydrate you and get your brain pumping. 


Decide what you want to achieve by becoming a morning person. Schedule that time and stick to it. Allocate time for work, the gym etc and give yourself as few barriers as possible to backing out. Pack your gym bag the night before and lay out your laptop, notebook and pens if you intend to use your product for creative purposes.  

Give it time. No habit is formed overnight, it is a process. Set your goal, stick to a pattern, be determined and remember why you are doing it. The outcome will be worth it! 

Now go forth, sleep and conquer.